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with a series of LIVE ongoing workshops, with experts in their field + Q&A, each session is designed to provide you with insights, tactics + actionable takeaways to IMMEDIATELY implement in your biz.

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When: July 13th - Building an Online Biz From Scratch!

We will walk through quickly all the basics to get you set with what you need to start collecting leads, selling / earning money / communicate with your audience - See full cast below:

Pam Carpentar (The MVP - objectives)

Jill Sessa (Domains / Hosting)

Terrica Stozier (Branding)

Clare Lewis (Basic Wordpress)

Julia Taylor (Geeking out with Code)

Andrea & Panel - Website vs Landing Pages vs Sales Funnels

Andrea (Showing some MVP examples with buy buttons)

Jen Duncan (Social Media)

Naima Sheikh (Mechanics of Content Creation)

Janet Foust (Systems for Working Solo)

Larissa Banting (PR)

Glenette Goodbread (SEO)

Ephraim Zuriel (Analytics)

Then some BONUS content with a special focus for Non Profits

Tersesa Huff (Grant Writing Specialist)

Winter Liscano (Non Profit Reframe)


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Plus - We do some impromptu Website / business TearDowns - Submit yours!

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What is it, the importance, how to craft the PERFECT FUNNEL in order to convert like crazy.

(this is geared towards beginners PLUS those in the service industry working with clients with funnels or creating funnels for them)


Businesses who follow these 5 (EASY!!!) Steps will ALWAYS Come out on Top. This is the exact process I did for repeat companies, and why they pay me the big bucks.


After doing HUNDREDS of website / business teardowns, this is the goldmine of all the data. This will ONLY be a live event and will NOT be available in the membership / replay.



How to literally turn EVERY business into a revenue generator by focusing on the little known secrets of consumer behavior, stacking offers, and the most important words in business...

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Plus - We do some impromptu Website / business TearDowns - Submit yours!

Previous sessions:

When: June 16th - 2 PM EST

What: Set yourself up for success with DATA walkthrough. Get ALL that pesky analytics set up and talking to each other, so you can measure your success and create KPI's (KPI what? We'll cover that too)

Jim Banks, CEO of Spades Media, Will Walk Us Through ALL the Analytics WE NEED!

Google Tag Manager, Analytics, Pixels and all that yada yada !!

When: June 2nd - 2 pm EST

What?: Get your Sales Page launch ready to Spark Buyers Desire With Leakproof Sales Pages

Special Guest: Sue Howard, everyone's favorite Sales Page / Funnel optimization - Where Marketing meets Data

When: May 26th - 11 am EST

What?: Brand Consultant to Fortune 500 talks about - Do you want to create brand value that can future fit your business? A GOOD BRAND DRIVES TRAFFIC AND BOOSTS REVENUE.

Special Guest: Ozlem Tuskan, who has worked on brands such as CNN, MTV, etc will be taking the stage.


May 12th - 8 am PST, 11 am EST, 4 PM UK, 6 PM ANDREA TIME!

What? Ever wonder how anyone in business can take vacations? From Solopreneurs to CEO's it's ALL in the Systems. Jenna walks us through TEAM, SOPS, Automation, ETC (just in time for vacay!)

Special Guest: Fractional COO Jenna Smith

When: May 2nd - 1 pm EST

What? Sell more of YOUR stuff getting others to sell it FOR YOU. Here's how. The other side? - Make Money Selling Other People's Stuff!

PS - Want a Website Audit? Laurie & I will be taking a few HOT SEATS

SUBMIT TO ME NOW! (on form below) or message me on FB or IG

Special Guest: Laurie Champagne builds great things for impact brands and startups. Laurie is responsible for turning Pro Flowers & Toms (& many others) into Multi Million Dollar Brands. LEGIT! She's one of my new favorite people

When: April 28th - Your Content Creation Framework

What? - Take all that SHIT that swivels in your head and turn it into a beautiful framework / model. If you're creating value to others in any way via content - YOU NEED THIS!

Special Guest: Naima will be joining us and I'm telling you, don't miss it!

WHEN: April 22nd - The Science behind amazing emails

WHAT?: - Create a Successful Launch Via Email - LITERALLY EVERYONE needs this in their business.

Special Guests: The Funnel Sisters are taking the stage!

WHEN: March 24th - The Secret to Improving Conversions

WHAT?: - If you're wondering why you're website or funnel is not converting, here's why.

AND This is what it sounds like to convert 40% of your people on a $7000 offer

WHEN: March 10th - Mastering Video

What?: Buckle up, put on a shirt -, grab something yummy to drink ☕ and get ready to take some mega steps towards videos that look and sound amazing. Whether it's your lives, zooms, webinars or pre-recorded videos...we'll cover it all.

When: Feb 28th & March 1st - Winning at LOW TICKET offers!

2 sessions, second one due to popularity!

What: The walkthrough of a $10,000 month on a $37 offer. Winning at Low Ticket. Including all the FB ads strategy responsible for the success.

When: Feb 20th - Customer Journey / Value Ladder Workshop (This will be repeated in a future session too)

What: An intense session walking you through how to craft your customer journey, how to create compelling offers, and how to earn much more money

Given by Me!

Original 10 Sessions - walking through the TECH of FG Funnels. This is the platform I am using here, and I am using for some clients. If you want a single CRM platform to build your website / funnels / host your leads (emails), build your email marketing, sms, course platform, calendar booking, offer selling, etc. - The Biz Edit - All Rights Reserved